The eagle and the owl (Cuore)

Article published on the Cuore on January 21st, 1922
The eagle is a large theft bird. It kills rabbits, lambs, baby goats. At times thy have seen it take up in the air children as well! Its stare is fierce, its beak is hooked, its claws large, its voice hoarse. Around its nest are the victims’ remains: heads, bones, feathers, shreds of flesh, blood clots.  On the other hand, the owl doesn’t hurt as the eagle does: it does good: it destroys country mice that are so harmful because they gnaw on tree roots and eat the ears of wheat. And yet no one can see it as a poor beast! When women hear its hoot they cover their ears out of fear; men chain it to a stick, to serve as a laughing stock. Bad omen bird! The eagle, that lives killing and stealing, is admired by everyone, everyone lights up at its sight. It’s on general’s berets, badges, flags, coins, decorations and postage stamps. The owl, that guards at night to protect our fields from rodents, is an ignoble bird that ends up nailed on a wall. The eagle, which lives by theft, is a noble bird and ends under the kings’ sceptre. This is how the world goes by, kids…