The saint Libya (Avanti!)

Article published on the Avanti! on November 1st 1912
The Saint was of African nationality. It lived alone in a desert place called Tripolitania. This was a very large desert, but it was harsh, uninhabitable, more appropriate for the caves of savage beasts, rather than for the rooms of men, in how the useful things that grew in the thorny and sterile desert couldn’t be planted or harvested. It so happened that Saint Libya ran into a Death hazard: because a few delinquents wanted to kill it. These delinquents went to many places, ruining the sacred temples, cutting and burning trees, killing innocent women and children, and therefore the Saint herself risked being killed many times. But she carried herself prudently in all situations, still being able to make some miracles, even with people persecuting her. She raised people from the dead, including Gabriele, a wise and religious man, who trafficked Arabian songs, from which he earned a pretty penny. She buried the live; she cured the ill (Bank of Rome); she killed the prophets (Reformers); she worked the miracle of loaves and fish (55 one hundred per kg.); she transformed gold into sand (treasure) and sand into gold (suppliers); she freed Giolitto from his persecuting demon (nationalism); she converted a woman of bad mores (democracy); she worked the miracle of the turnips that sprout the spirit (Cretin Meschino); she cured a woman that suffered her blood flow (peace society); and she transformed rabbits into lions. Her death occurred the Anno Domini 1912, at the time of Roman Emperor Vittorio.