The teacher went to his desk and called Grullini out.
Grullini, do you know what petrol is?
Petrol is a flammable liquid.
And what does flammable mean?
That it easily blazes up.
Good! Tell me about flammable objects.
And then?
My father when I bring home a report card full of F’s, petrol, the door keeper when I write on the walls with coal, my mother when I steal sugar…
Ah Grullini, Grullini! Well, let’s go on. Do you know what petrol is called in its raw state?
I forget whether it’s called naphtha or aphtha.
What’s petrol used for?
It’s used to light the oil lamp, when electric light suddenly shuts off and aren’t any candles home.
Where is petrol extracted?
Petrol is extracted from tins, that once empty, are useful to make drums and give a headache to the whole neighbourhood.
No wonder! Fuel is extracted from petrol. Do you know what fuel is used for?
To remove stains.
To fuel cars and motorcycles.
Good! Do you what the elements of ancient science are?
No Sir.
I’ll tell you then: the four elements are five, and they are: water, fire, earth, air and fuel.
Woe betides if fuel didn’t exist! Bye, bye, fathers’ greatcoat!
What does your father’s greatcoat have to do with all this?
Mother always says it goes on thanks to fuel.
Where is fuel extracted?
I don’t know.
But you just told me!
Fuel is extracted… from petrol station.