The two balloons

The two balloons, the “Bear” and the “Lion”, had to leave: the former for the North Pole, the latter for the Equator. The “Bear” was full of travellers wearing fur coats, scarves, fur hats, stuffed shoes, gloves, quilts, wool blankets, stoves, sleighs, ice-skates, axes to break the ice, pots of ointment for chilblains, etc. etc. On the other hand, the “Lion”, which we said had to go to the Equator, was full of travellers clad in white cloth, with cork elms, parasols, fans, fridges, ice machines, sorbet machines, etc. etc. When the two balloons were up high, maybe tricked by the wind, or perhaps due to the unskilfulness of the pilots, ended up in opposite directions: the “Bear” that had to go to the North Pole, went to the Equator, and the “Lion”, that had to go to the Equator, went to the North Pole! Think about those poor travellers. When the ones of the “Lion” arrived in the North Pole with a simple cloth dress and white shoes, they threatened to freeze to death. Once the ones of the “Bear”, got to the Equator, stuffed with wool and covered in fur coats, they threatened to explode of heat instead. Thankfully the “weather institute” informed that the winds has changed directions. So the two balloons went back up in the air. The “Lion” found an air current that took him to the Equator, and the “Bear” another one that pushed him towards the North Pole. While the two air navigators met halfway, one completely frozen, the other panting due to heat, because of the hot/cold contrast, the travellers has such a strong general sneeze, that they made the two balloons explode.